The main aim of BC-LDS company is producing specialised road transport equipment to transport goods such as: petrol, diesel, LPG, bitumen, alcohol. Assortment offered to our customers: -NCP semi fuel tanks to transport liquid petroleum products -ACP auto tank trucks and PCP tank trailers -NCG gas tank semi - trailers for the transport of liquefied gases (LPG) -ACG and PCG gas tank and trailer for the transport of liquefied gases (LPG) -NWG and NWP changable chassis of the tanker trailer for the transport of LPG or liquid fuel Our company has its own office which is based on construction and technology and constantly improves our goods introducing new technologies. When designing the tanks the modern computational programs are used therefore our products get lightweight constructions maintaining safety and high quality. Qualified and experienced staff provide proffesional services in: -repair and modernisation of the tankers -providing all types of periodic tests -providing and maintaining of hydraulic and pneumatic systems -providing the main and current repairs of all types of trailer. -providing the surface treatment and also complex painting of tanks and trailers. -certyficates of tanks? measurement system approved by The Central Office of Measures

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